Social Media Updates: Tech News To Know

Social Media Updates: Tech News To Know

Technologies has been growing rapidly during 21st century, there are many ways to stimulate sales. Using technology is a right way.


#1 Twitter is looking to acquire another social media network. Twitter obtained a live-stream app called Periscope and twitter is about to purchase another article sharing app called Flipboard. Twitter has to roughly spend 1 billion on purchasing Flipboard, which can gain more attention in social media market.

#2 Who are the “Verified Users” on Twitter? Twitter added a new feature to help user identify. There are around 150,000 accounts are verified, 25 percent of them are journalist and approximately 7 percent of them are media media

#3 Snapchat wants you to shop through them. Snapchat offers a new feature that you can transfer money via app. A shopping app decided to corporate with them because Snapchat has been emphasizing on promoting events and concerts, so it is a good idea to add ticket-purchasing feature due to convenience.

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