Social Media Updates: Tech News To Know

Social Media Updates: Tech News To Know

Technologies has been growing rapidly during 21st century, there are many ways to stimulate sales. Using technology is a right way.


#1 Twitter is looking to acquire another social media network. Twitter obtained a live-stream app called Periscope and twitter is about to purchase another article sharing app called Flipboard. Twitter has to roughly spend 1 billion on purchasing Flipboard, which can gain more attention in social media market.

#2 Who are the “Verified Users” on Twitter? Twitter added a new feature to help user identify. There are around 150,000 accounts are verified, 25 percent of them are journalist and approximately 7 percent of them are media media

#3 Snapchat wants you to shop through them. Snapchat offers a new feature that you can transfer money via app. A shopping app decided to corporate with them because Snapchat has been emphasizing on promoting events and concerts, so it is a good idea to add ticket-purchasing feature due to convenience.

#Hashtags are out.

#Hashtags has been consistently used for the last few years. People enjoy making up interesting or funny hashtags. Shadi Rahimi, deputy producer of engagement for Al-Jazeera’s AJ+, mentions that many journalists prevent from using contentious hashtags. Rahimi also brings up a point that tweeting simple hashtags gets more engagement than hashtags with superfluous word. Twitter has offered a feature to help advertiser to track their products efficiently.hashtag

Not only journalists are not long hastags lover but also customers.

Tags do not actually gain more engagement on promoting. Customer wants to have as least as possible distractive words while they’re reading message. I believe we have had same experience on reading long tags like #theplacethatbringusalive. People treat it as a shortcut to become a powerful influencer or gain more engagements or followers.

Tags are still useful and popular if we can use them properly.